Gospel Artist KDV Music, from Nashville, TN introduces his music ministry label entitled ‘S.T.R.E.E.T. MOB Ministries.

Still in the process of getting things off the ground, KDV creates a short video to describe what S.T.R.E.E.T. MOB Ministries stands for, and what the purpose of it is. Allowing other Gospel Rappers, singers, m praise dancers, promoters, business owners, etc., the opportunity to grow with the resources given. Whether you need a music video shot, or a promotional video for your business, or your in need of studio time to record music. You may simply be looking for a music team to be apart of.

These are the things KDV is hoping to attain with Street MOB Ministries, as God has pressed in his heart that 2018 is going to be a big year of growth for this.

Stay tuned for more!

As described in the video, if you’d like to reach out to KDV, contact him via e-mail at KDVmusic@gmail.com.

Or simply reach out to him via Social Media @KDVmusic.




Add KDV on Snapchat @KDVmusic

If you would like to sow a seed into this music ministry, donate through PayPal @:


For more info, stay up to date by visiting KDVmusic.net

So I have to give God all the praise, all the glory, all the Honor THIS day…!

Last week, The Lord spoke to me and told me to place a post out regarding the camera so that I can shoot music videos for gospel artists in Nashville. The first few days, I admit, I was feeling upset because so many people weren’t responding or tried. A few did donate and a few also responded, and I am so thankful for that! You all don’t know how much that means to me!

Here’s the blessing part…somebody went out of their way, and decided to bless me with a brand new MILC Camera. My GOD!! When I found out about it, I was IN TEARS!!

This person also understood, that when you bless others, God will bless you in ways we can’t even imagine! This person will receive a 10 fold, 50 fold, even 100 fold blessing from God!

This is what I will Be shooting with from this point! And you guys will see many gospel artists on the rise next year because of it! I’m truly excited about what God is doing in 2018!!

And I just want everybody to know, when The Lord places on my heart to ask for donations (which I don’t like to do), know to trust God in this!

If anybody else still feels led to sow into my ministry, check my previous post regarding this.


Blessings everyone,

I pray all is well with everyone, and all of my brothers and sisters of the household of faith. I am writing this message in regards to what God has placed on my heart recently. This year has been tough on me and my family financially. And with the hopes of pressing forward in my music ministry, I haven’t gained much, if not anything from what I’ve been doing.

I constantly pour, pour, and pour finances into my music to make the material and to put it out. And its starting to effect my wife and kids financially. Does this message mean that I’m going to stop doing what I’m doing for God? Absolutely not! Because at the end of the day, its not about the money, its about Glorify God and leading souls to Christ!

But what I am asking for is your help…are you willing to sow a seed for me?

God is constantly placing more music to write, and witty ideas into my spirit. And I’m not sure if anyone has been keeping up with my ministry , but I’ve been venturing into the side of videography lately.

The last three videos I shot, ‘La Familia‘, ‘Don’t Give In‘, and ‘We Ridin’‘, I shot entirely myself AND edited also. These are things that I learned to do in College when I studied Mass Communication with an emphasis on Radio/TV.

I never thought then that I would utilize those things I learned, until now. God has finally revealed to me the reason why He allowed me to know the things I do in regards to videography. It wasn’t all for nothing.

You may be asking yourself, ‘how we’re you able to shoot those last videos if your hurting financially’? By the grace of God, my loving Pastor owns a pretty expensive camera that I’ve been using to record footage, and with the editing programs I already have, I’ve been editing the footage I’ve recorded with it. That blesses me greatly.

But here’s the problem, the camera isn’t mine. So I’m constantly borrowing from my Pastor to shoot these videos, which in my mind, becomes quite a burden on him (although he says otherwise, love you Pastor lol).

So with that being said, I’m asking kindly if anyone out there would be willing to donate funds for me to invest in my own camera equipment to shoot video with.

Before we go there though, let me share with you the vision God has revealed to me lately.

This isn’t simply for my own music material to shoot. There are a litany of artists in Nashville, TN and the surrounding cities who are just as committed to serving God through music as I am, and they need exposure. So once I gain the items God has placed in my heart to invest in, it’s time to put it to God’s good work!

I am looking at investing in a Sony Alpha a6000 with a Sony E 35mm f/1.8 OSS Lens (roughly less than $1000)

I know this may sound a bit much, but any little bit will help! And I am eternally grateful!

So I’ll even go as far as to say, I’m begging you! If you are willing and able, please sow into my music ministry for this purpose by donating below to my Paypal! If PayPal doesn’t work for you, please contact me if this is on your heart to donate, and we can work something out!


I’m fully trusting God to provide for me on this, so for me to put this message out shows how much I trust Him, because this is something I never do.

God bless you all! And thank you eternally for your continuous love and support!



La Familia

This is my gift to my family this Thanksgiving (and for the Holiday’s). A family that prays together, stays together. You all don’t realize just how much my family means to me. And truth be told, family is where ministry starts. Where we can learn to love, develop, grow, forgive, and pray. Where we can study God’s Word together, and fellowship with one another. We know this walk in Christ is a process, and that it cannot be done alone.

True family isn’t always blood either, but your brothers and sisters in Christ who go out of their way for you to do God’s will in your life. That’s family.

My sincerest apologies to anybody who wasn’t shown in the video, or did not get to be apart of it. I pray this song bless you greatly in Jesus Name.


Greetings all!

I’ve been pretty productive with my time off from work due to surgery. Shot a couple of new music videos from the songs off of my latest album Unqualified. I’m posting them here below! 

KDV – We Ridin’ 

KDV – Don’t Give In

Enjoy! #BlessUp 

Greetings all!

It will be 7 days tomorrow since I had my umbilical hernia surgery, and everything is going quite well! To God be the glory! 

As of right now, I’m talking a little step back from music and just pressing Unqualified for awhile. But I will be back at it soon! 

In the meantime, I’ve been venturing into something I’ve always dreamed of doing as a teen, and that’s being a voice talent! I have the equipment to do it (duh, I’m a rapper! Lol) and the knowledge to make it sound professional. So why I try?! You never know how far you’ll go unless you try! 

You can listen to some recent auditions I’ve done since starting a profile on a casting call website for voice talents. 

Click here to check out some auditions! (scroll down to the very bottom to listen to auditions)

Some feedback would be nice also! 

If you don’t have time to do so though, I’ve placed a couple of voice over demos, and voice talent auditions on SoundCloud, which you can listen to right here in this post. 

I truly hope to go far with this!

Blessings, and Enjoy! 

Greeting all!

I apologize for not updating the website here lately. Been very busy since the album has dropped. If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, I encourage you to. I promise this project with bless you.


I will be out for awhile due to surgery and other health reasons. I will ask that anyone who reads this post, please keep me lifted in prayer. I do feel this in part to be a hindrance to my music ministry, but I know God is still working it, and I will be back at it in due time.

You can download ‘Unqualified’ on any digital outlet. Released August 25th, 2017. Here’s a few common ones:

Apple Music
Google Play
Amazon Music