2017-2018 Video Work

Late 2017 into 2018, God opened up a new door for me to do something I’ve been gifted with for a long time. And that’s cinematography.

Here, you can check some of the videos I’ve shot if you have been contemplating on inquiring about getting a video made.

Also, here is my flyer for information and prices.


Pastor Matt Malone – Motivational Speech FCA (August 2018)

Katalyst – Get It In Feat. KDV

Katalyst – Motivated

Sky – Seen Plenty

Sky – Anyway Feat. KDV

KDV – Press Feat. Sky

David Prxnce – The Darkest Hour

King Antonio – Devil Mad

KDV – Grind

Michael Hendrix – You Are (Dec 2017)

Fireoverseer Feat. Neva Void & KDV – Lift Thy Name On High (Jan 2018)

Neva Void – Spoken Word piece (Jan 2018)

David Prxnce – CIL Performance Highlights (Unreleased Apr. 2018)

David Prxnce & SCi-FY – Encourage Vol. 1 Listening Session (Jun 2018)

Katalyst Interview (May 2018)

King Antonio Interview (May 2018)

Neva Void Interview (May 2018)

Proof Interview (May 2018)

KDV Interview

Minister Bryson – Awake, Arise, Achieve

King Antonio Performing Live (May 2018)

Shaveh Performing @ Raw Artist Nashville

Spoken Soul Lounge Highlights

Mr. Shouty – All I Can Be Video Release Party

KDV – I Don’t Think They Do (Dec 2017)

KDV – Too Late (May 2018)

Christmas 2017

Santa Rampage – Christmas 2017

TOP Gold – December 2017

Pastor Dwayne Lewis – Thank You from New Season (Aug 2018)

Pastor Dwayne Lewis – The History of New Season (Jun 2018)

118th Annual Meeting of National Baptist Association Promo By Rusty Sumrall, Jr.

KDV – Don’t Give In (Nov 2017)

KDV – We Ridin’ (Nov 2017)

These are but a few to look at blessings.