I want to share with you all a brother in Christ who is also a fellow Artist and Minister. His name is Bryson West, but he goes by Balistic. 

I met Balistic earlier in 2016 (around May) at the airport. We clicked as believers and talked about music ministry. But little did we know how God was getting ready to connect us together for His Glory. 


​​​As you can see, my brother definitely has art and skill guided by The Spirit of The Lord! Please go check out his music! Here is a song I was honored to be featured in on his Mixtape that you can find on SoundCloud. 



First and foremost…

Happy New Year to you all! I pray God’s anointing over you this year! I know God had miraculous and mighty blessings in store for you in 2017! 

I know He does for me! Thank You Jesus! I’m excited about where God is taking me with my music ministry! As I promised in the past, I have a new music video dropping. I wanted to share a snippet of the video on my website. 

It’s from a song I posted earlier towards the end of the year entitled ‘Feel It’. I actually re-recorded the song since I upgraded my studio equipment (Glory to God). Please comment and share this with your friends. There is a lot of truth in this. 

It will be on my newest, second independent album entitled ‘Under Pressure’. 

More to follow! 


I know I’m a little late on getting these, but I finally have physical copies of my first independent album ‘Here To Stay’. 

If you are in the Nashville area, and you haven’t bought the album yet on iTunes, Google, or Amazon, contact me or my manager Chad for physical copies. 

I know a lot of people have been waiting to get the physical instead of a download. They are $10 a piece. 

If you are out of state and would like a copy, they are $15 a piece to cover shipping and handling. Also, anyone who gets a copy of it, I will autograph as well. 

I am excited about what God is doing with my Music Ministry. 

For my manager Chad: (615)601-5363

To contact me: (615)554-9283

Peace, love, and blessings in the Mighty Name of Yeshua. 

Greetings family!

Been working with a lot of mighty men and women of God with new music lately. Here’s one I want to share that I was humbled and blessed to share a track with for my fellow brother and gospel artist Ray Knowledge allowed me to be on. The name of this track is called ‘Night Before.’ We truly poured our hearts out into this song and shared a lot of personal endeavors in our verses. Our testimony is meant to be a blessing to others, and it shows how God has pulled us out of rocky situations. He is not a respect or of persons, if He did it for us, KNOW that He will also do it for you!


The wait is almost over!

I know a lot of listeners have expressed to have physical copies of my first album, ‘Here To Stay’. I’ve finally put in orders. I will be doing my orders in small increments. That way as they go, I can get more when needed. 
Also, contact me or my manager Chad personally, and when you make a purchase of the physical copies, We will send it autographed with a Sold Out shirt! I’m excited about what God is doing with this music ministry! 


Blessings and Greetings!

I pray and hope that everyone had an eventful and joyous Thanksgiving with family and friends, and enjoyed good fellowship, peace and love through Christ. Remember there is always something to be thankful for. I’m thankful for Jesus who sacrificed His life for my sins, thankful for a loving wife and children, family, friends and peace in my heart even in these perilous times. God is still on the throne.

I’ve been working on some new music. Please take the time out to listen to this track. And if it blesses you, let me know and provide me feedback! This is the track I’ve been thinking about doing a video to.


Greetings and Blessings to all!
KDV here, dropping in to let you know I will be posting a new music video to my upcoming project I’ve been working on soon! Still pressings with the music ministry and giving God all the glory. It’s not easy. Some days I want to give up and give in. But then I’m reminded God never gave up or gave in on me when He sent Jesus to die for my sins. So I must live for God. 
Jesus Has defeated the cross, so my encouragement to you is to stand up on defeat your doubts and fears. Walk in the purpose God has placed you in! 
For now, make sure you listen to and download the first mixtape I dropped as a Gospel Hip-Hop artist, ‘Born Again’. 

Click Here To Download Free Mixtape

And don’t forget to check out my Debut album I dropped on August 31st, entitled ‘Here To Stay’. Find it on iTunesGoogle Music, and Amazon.