Greetings all!

This one is for all my locals here in Nashville. I will be performing at One Stone Nashville Church on July 21st, at 7 PM. 

Here is the flyer with all the information:

If you can make it, come out and support! 


Blessings everyone. 

The album will be dropping very soon. August, NLT then September. I put my all into this with the help and guidance of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Check out the promo photos. Be sure to comment. Album cover will be out soon. The photos were shot by J. Mathis Designs. Look him up on Facebook and Instagram. 


Had the opportunity to go down to Atlanta, GA for a video shoot. I’m featured on the song entitled ‘Everything Ain’t Everything’ by Sky Surface, a gospel artist based out of Mobile, AL. The hospitality and love while I was there was amazing! The video was shot by our brother Ray Knowledge who is also a gospel hip hop artist, as he is expanding his horizon of work aside from recording. 

Check out the promo video. Full video coming soon!