This has been long overdue…but 2018 was an amazing year for me. It was my first successful year as a videographer. Truly thankful for the opportunities given, and the level of growth with this. Never thought I’d be doing this honestly. But God…

2019 will be even more awesome (and it already has been) with many more opportunities on the way.

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2019 Video Work

2017-2018 Video Work




Featuring Anthony Peculiar Offutt Sr. In the video.

Produced By: (Tinotenda Vincent Muromba)

BOUT That LIFE Ministry

Street MOB Ministries

Take a listen as I share a part of my testimony…

To listen to this song, stream/download the song on my latest album ‘Through The Surface’ here:

Cinematography By: Carl Roy Carswell

Blessings everyone!

It’s been a wonderful New Year so far! Happy 2019! This is my first post on the website this year so far! And it’s been a busy one already!

Me and the team have been gearing up for a litany of events, and working on a compilation album for 2019. We’re hoping to have it out by early Spring, no later than early Summer.

Make sure you book us for any events you have for the year.

Contact myself, Proof (615-586-3677), or Neva Void (615-582-5476).


Back to the original reason I even posted this.

I have new visuals for the song ‘Commitment’ off my latest album ‘Through The Surface’. After performing it so many times, it has become a fan favorite. Here’s a snippet of it for now. Will be releasing the full video soon.

Don’t forget to stream/download the album if you haven’t already.


Tune into A Day In The Life Radio as KDV interview Prophetess Carolyn J. Galler. Galler speaks on her recent book published entitled ‘Adopted And Blessed’, and also speaks upon her upcoming book entitled ‘We Said I Do But He Didn’t: When Marriage Goes Wrong’.

Carolyn Galler is the Founder and Executive Director of, the non-profit organization, ‘U R Never Alone Outreach Ministry.’—Prophetess-Carolyn-J–Galler-e2g403