Music Videos

Sky Surface Featuring KDV – Everything Ain’t Everything

KDV Performing in Jacksonville, FL with iPrayz on Living Witness TV

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KDV – Letter To My Kids

KDV Performing in Bainbridge, GA

KDV took the opportunity to perform in Bainbridge, Georgia for Versatile’s album release party. It was an honor and a humbling experience to get to spread his music ministry for the first time since he’s started bag rapping for God’s glory. Meeting an array of artists and believers who truly love The Lord with their entire heart, The Spirit of God moved greatly about this event.

KDV – It’s Real (Under Pressure Mixtape)

KDV – Under Pressure (Promo Video)

KDV – I Need You (Under Pressure Mixtape)

KDV – Feel It

KDV’s fourth video shot December 2016 for his upcoming project ‘Under Pressure.’ Mankind has a tendency to rely heavily on the system then to rely on God, to anchor their soul in the one who died for their sins. I pray that you feel the message presented through this song. We must strive to know Christ. The life that we live in this world is only temporary, establish your faith and trust in things eternal.

KDV – Day In The Life

‘A Day In The Life’ is a representation of what its like to be a believer. Not only that, but for KDV, its a piece of actuality in a believers life. Being led by The Spirit of The Lord, and following the instructions given by Christ in The Bible. Living up to the expectations of God by being faithful servants and stewards in The Body of Christ. This is KDV’s single from his debut independent album ‘Here To Stay’ now available on iTunes, Google & Amazon. Download your digital copy today!

KDV Feat. Tracey Vance – Hard To Breathe (Lyric Video)

KDV – Sold Out

KDV’s Second music video entitled ‘Sold Out’ shot on March 26th, 2016 (Easter Weekend). The emphasis behind the song ‘Sold Out’ focuses on the mission as a believer and follower of Christ: to serve and to share the message, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. In order to do so, there must be no compromise in your faith and belief in Christ. There must also be a passion to love others, to pray, and the dwell richly within The Word of God (Bible).

KDV – Change

KDV’s First music video shot in November 2015. The emphasis behind the song ‘Change’ aim’s to focus on the battles and struggles that we deal with in life, spiritually, physically and mentally. The main solution (and true solution) is to turn to Jesus Christ, the one who can change you eternally in the midst of your situations.