KDV is a Hip-Hop artist hailing from Nashville, TN. He first started writing and rhyming when he was 9 years old, although his older sister, who is a singer, begs to differ. She says that when he was 3, he knew the entire Kriss Kross song by heart.

KDV first started recording music when he was 15 years of age. By the time he was 17, he released his first low-budget mixtape entitled ‘Cashvillez Most Hated’ in 2005.

3 years later, when he was 20, he released his first official mixtape entitled ‘Rebirth: Volume 1’ which can still be found on He created a local fan base and performed live shows at numerous venues in Tennessee. He had an offer with a record label but chose not to pursue it. He felt something that instructed him otherwise.

He continued recording music on a local spectrum, and began working on his second and third official mixtape which were never released, entitled ‘Mastermind: Volume 2’ and ‘M.A.F.F.(Miles Away From Freedom)’. He postponed his music career to focus on finishing his college career at Tennessee State University, while studying Mass Communications with an emphasis in Radio/TV.

While finishing school, he started a family, and married the love of his life since high school. Together, they have two kids. KDV never returned back to finishing his music, but instead, took focus on supporting and raising his family.

In 2013, KDV went through some severe life changes that opened his heart up to Christianity and gave His life to The Lord. At this point, he completely removed himself from Hip-Hop and focused on his new found love in Christ.

In 2014, he was called to the ministry, although initially he did not accept the call. In 2015, he received in ordination as a licensed minister under The Body of Christ Outreach Ministries.

After servant prayers, and an encounter with a multitude of Christian artists whom has inspired him to continue utilizing his musical talents, he made his re-entry back into music late in 2015. He also had a personal encounter with Gospel Hip-Hop artist Derek Minor who, for him, made confirmation to pursue music once again.

Now, 2016, KDV releases his first project as a Christian artist, entitled ‘Born Again’. He views it as a way to reach the youth drowned in a world of music that is geared towards steering them into the wrong message, and utilizes it as music ministry and a means to reach souls.