Neva Void & KDV

Introducing Minister Ty Perkins AKA ‘Neva Void’

This is Neva Void. We have been working with him collectively to complete his second independent album entitled ‘Real Talk’. He will also be performing during the Awake Tour this Summer, 2018. Neva Void represents Crying out 2 God ministry. His testimony is extremely powerful, and he displays great evidence of who God is and the presence in His life.

To check out Neva Void’s first album, ‘Lifeology’, Click here:

This is KDV Music

He is the founder of Street MOB Ministries. He will be performing during the Awake Tour. This is his testimony of how music and ministry has played such a prevelant role in his life, from dealings with alcohol, suicide, and how God is using him with music and talents today. KDV Music currently has two independent albums out, with a third independent slated for release in Mid-May.

Check out his first two albums ‘Here To Stay’ and ‘Unqualified’ here: (Here To Stay) (Unqualified)

Stay tuned for more Artists…

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