Powerful Event

Blessings everyone!


i truly beat myself up daily for not updating the website consistently like I should. But for those of you who follow me on social media tend to keep up with what’s going on faster than you would here regardless, so it’s all good!

Anywho, I recently had the opportunity to perform at The Church At Indian Lake, and all I can say is WOW…!!!


The ministry and the teens there are sooo amazing! Love the energy, the spirit, and the anointing of The Lord that flowed through that place! I’m almost certain that there will be more opportunities to operate there, as I’ve developed some awesome relationships with some of the staff members and those in the ministry thus far  what a blessing!

Here is a clip from Wednesday night’s event!

And to top it off, Pastor Matt Malone delivered an incredible word that all of the audience can relate to! Coach Jesus! A reverent word that truly blessed us all!

I’m excited about what God is doing this year, and I hope you all would be glad to tag along with me in this journey!

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