Lift Thy Name On High

Fireoverseer Kirkwood

Lift Thy Name On High Feat. Neva Void & KDV

Music video produced by Kedric D Vance (Founder of Street MOB Ministries)

Here it is. The debut video for Kirkwood aka Fireoverseer featuring our brother Neva Void and myself, KDV. This is his first music video as a gospel Artist.

Let’s show him some love and support. It’s all about Jesus. Tag a friend, like, share, and comment. Let’s come together to bless this young man.

His debut album will be dropping soon. 💯

Listen to or download for free here on SoundCloud :

This is Fireoverseer’s debut video. His album ‘Blood Bought’ will be releasing soon (Spring 2018). Be on the lookout for it.

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  1. bruh are doing an amazing job ive seen what you do for overseer , and Gods sees it bruh im praying that your ministry grows that it may be a light for all to see Christ

    1. Amen bro. I receive your prayer bro forreal. God is a way maker. Pray that I have a heart of commitment to His plan and purpose for my life. In Jesus Name.

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