Update on Donation Request

So I have to give God all the praise, all the glory, all the Honor THIS day…!

Last week, The Lord spoke to me and told me to place a post out regarding the camera so that I can shoot music videos for gospel artists in Nashville. The first few days, I admit, I was feeling upset because so many people weren’t responding or tried. A few did donate and a few also responded, and I am so thankful for that! You all don’t know how much that means to me!

Here’s the blessing part…somebody went out of their way, and decided to bless me with a brand new MILC Camera. My GOD!! When I found out about it, I was IN TEARS!!

This person also understood, that when you bless others, God will bless you in ways we can’t even imagine! This person will receive a 10 fold, 50 fold, even 100 fold blessing from God!

This is what I will Be shooting with from this point! And you guys will see many gospel artists on the rise next year because of it! I’m truly excited about what God is doing in 2018!!

And I just want everybody to know, when The Lord places on my heart to ask for donations (which I don’t like to do), know to trust God in this!

If anybody else still feels led to sow into my ministry, check my previous post regarding this.


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