2 More Days Until ‘Unqualified’ Drops! 

What’s up everybody?! I’m excited! Only two more days left until ‘Unqualified’ drops! 

As of right now, I have it set as a pre-order on iTunes, but on the release date, it will be on every digital outlet! So be on the lookout for it! 
Click Here To Pre-Order On iTunes
The backstory behind ‘Unqualified’ is simple, with a more personal approach then my previous album. People have a tendency to label certain individuals ‘unfit’ to operate in the calling placed on their life. They have a tendency to say we are unable to do the work effectively because we aren’t qualified. But God makes it possible and He is the one who qualifies us for the walk ahead. 

I’m hoping for feedback on this album from those who purchase and listen to it. 


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