Under Pressure Promo Video

Under Pressure


My newest project symbolizes my past, my present, and my future with my walk with God. As we grow spiritually in our faith, we reach new levels in Christ. But if we are not keeping that fire alive, we are susceptible to a litany of attacks from the enemy. Jesus said it best in Luke 11:24-26, that when we are purged with an unclean spirit, that spirit comes back and attacks with seven the more evil than the one that departed, and leaves that man in a worser condition. So we must stay in fellowship, we must stay in praise and worship, we must stay in our Word and in prayer, and withstand the attacks of the enemy, and thrive Under Pressure in Christ. I pray that this blesses you.

This is the second, and main single on the upcoming project ‘Under Pressure’ which is set to release for free download on February 21st, 2017. The full track can currently be found on Soundcloud, and it features Gospel Hip-Hop Artist Ray Knowledge of VISIONful Records, Inc.


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