My Heart is Heavy

On a personal note, I wanted to share this with you all. I don’t get to update too often on my website for the fact that I stay so busy. But here I go. 

On Monday, July 11th, 2016, I lost a family member who was near and dear to me. He played such a big role in my pursuit of music. And my heart is extremely heavy over this lost. 

He is my cousin, Jonathan Gibbs. He was more like a brother to me then a cousin. Anywho, I want to share a snippet of his impact on my life. 

About 3 and a half years ago, I gave my life to Christ. Prior to that, I use to do secular music. Rapping about cars, clothes, women, sex, etc. when I got saved, I gave it all up. 
Probably about a year or two later, I was running errands on my off day. I stopped by my cousins office to see how he’s been. We had conversation about how God had been so good to be and how blessed I’ve been, and just about life in general. He proceeded to pose the question if I still rap anymore, and I told him no. It was too much negativity and foulness in it. I didn’t want any parts of it anymore. Then he introduced me to Christian Rap, and let me hear a particular artist that he liked. I was blown away by it! I remember listening to Christian rap when I was younger, but the quality wasn’t the same. But when I heard this new music, I was astonished by how God was raising up an army of believers, and they were truly using their gift for its purpose: The Glory of God. 
Today, I lost that same cousin, Jonathan Gibbs (Gibbscars Gibbscars). My heart is extremely heavy right now. But God knew the miraculous plan for his life, and he also knew what was ahead of him. God called him home today. And though I grieve on the inside, I’m joyed that he is home with The Lord. No longer will he have to suffer. Though he went through, he had so much joy in his heart no matter what! I love you cousin! And I will see you again!
Please keep my family lifted in prayer during this time for comfort and peace. 

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